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Industrial Maintenance

Sotecontrol works with clients to manage the life cycle of electrical facilities, maximizing service reliability, in safety, getting an efficient and continuous service with minimal damage.



In this sense, Sotecontrol offers electrical maintenance services including:
  • Technical advice for optimizing the life cycle of your installations.
  • The design, development and implementation of a Maintenance Plan that meets the principles of safety, streamlining operating expenses and, most importantly, strict compliance with the various european, national, regional or local regulations.
Collaboration in asset management, intervening in the investment phase, that is, the analysis and valuation of the acquisition of new electrical equipment.

Our services include facilities inventory, the definition of preventive maintenance program, with special attention to technical and legal part as well as the development of different activities, registration and subsequent traceability.


Thus, Sotecontrol is a specialist in the maintenance of electrical installations in all types of industries and, in particular, in lower voltage transformer substations.