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Industrial Communications
Whether for machine control, monitoring of production lines or the coordination of complete production areas, without industrial communication these complex tasks would be unthinkable.

Industrial communication is of paramount importance today, providing greater efficiency in all areas of the company. Components that Sotecontrol works, first categories, are based on proven standards and allow development of uniform and powerful data networks that also will meet future needs. Whether it is a simple sensor connection as the registration and transfer of all production and quality data of a factory, the way we design enables the integration of all areas of the company efficiently.

industrial-ethernet_siemens Industrial Ethernet

Implement bus systems and efficient industrial networks: Powerful network components and future-proof for reliable application in rough industrial environments, a cabling system for fast connectorization situ, high-speed redundancy and failover protection as well as a system warnings for continuous monitoring of network components.


Composed of:

  • Cabling System
  • Switches and media converters
  • System Connections
  • Monitoring Software

Based on improved TCP / IP technology to bring communication at all industry levels. In addition, users benefit from integrated diagnostics and fail-safe communications, allowing you to integrate WLAN with more security and efficiency.

  • Cabling Technology
  • Switches and media converters
  • Industrial security
  • Industrial Wireless LAN
netzkomponenten-profibus Profibus

It adapts to different applications according to the principle of modular systems and shows its benefits in all segments of manufacturing automation and process industry. The field bus can be used in all partial steps of production processes and at all stages of the process. PROFIBUS integrated solutions help to visibly reduce investment, operation and maintenance costs and help decisively to increase productivity and plant availability.

  • Electrical Networks (Cu)
  • Optical Networks
  • Mixed Networks

Whether the installation, operation or maintenance - the system of open fieldbus, AS-Interface - you can benefit from a custom wiring. The main advantages: minimization of wiring, quick installation, reaching the most inaccessible point of installation.
io-link-2-siemens IO-Link

Links I / O devices will help you to achieve a unique integration performance. Used in low-cost installations, point to point interface, you can connect sensors and intelligent switching devices even control.